Technology refreshes of any scale require a significant amount of effort in both planning and implementation.
Using our experience of migrations across all the major vendors, our proven methods and defined processes, we alleviate workload from your existing team fulfilling skills gaps that can accompany new technology.
Throughout the engagement we will work closely with in-house teams ensuring that once the refresh is complete, the teams have the necessary knowledge to continue to support the environment.


Providing technical resources to bolster your team when you require an extra pair of hands or new skills, for example to implement a new project, cover resource shortage or high workloads.
Our resources are quick to engage and integrate with existing customer teams becoming productive and useful with the minimum of disruption to your busy team.
As the work is brought under control the HelioStor team can help with your recruitment and onboarding processes.



Using our experience from working across a multitude of environments covering all the major vendors, we can provide a complete review of your existing estate; identifying risks and under-utilized resources.
The report will make recommendations that will improve the health of your estate as well as highlight any areas of the estate that can be reclaimed. In situations where unused resources are identified (storage, ports etc) and reclaimed, this can prolong the life of your infrastructure and delay further expenditure.


Our skilled technicians will speed the path to realisation and measurement of the value in your technology investments.

Dedicated personnel to drive adoption within your organisation and ensuring maximum gains are understood and achieved.

Providing visual reporting to demonstrate real value.